Q. Who can shop at Mt. Eden?

A. Mt. Eden Floral Co. is a wholesale flower and supply store. Our customers include: florists, event planners, caterers, restaurants, boutiques, interior decorators, visual merchandisers, churches, schools, and more. We ask customers to register as a Mt. Eden customer or display a current SFFM (San Francisco Flower Mart) badge in order to make purchases. Go to new customer registration.

Q. How can I become a registered customer?
A. Complete and sign the new customer registration form, and submit the form with a copy of your valid resale or business license. Our team will review your documents and provide you with a unique customer account number if you meet the customer requirements. For details instructions on how to register, click here. There is no fee to register as a Mt. Eden customer.

Q. Why can’t I see prices on the website?
A. To view price info and access other features of the website, you must request a website login. Website logins are available to existing Mt. Eden Floral customers only.

Q. Can I use my website login for the old website on the new website?
A. If you had a web login for Mt. Eden's old website, you will need to re-register for Mt. Eden's new website.

Q. Do you offer flower arranging classes or floral design shows?
A. Yes, we host various educational events throughout the year including seasonal design shows with top floral designers and hands-on workshops that are geared toward floral industry professionals. Visit our News+Events section to see what’s coming up next.

Q. What is the fresh flower return policy?
A. You must notify your salesperson within 24 hours of the receipt of the flowers. All flowers must be returned in order to receive a credit memo. We do not offer cash, check, or credit card refunds.

Q. Does Mt. Eden Floral Co. deliver?
A. Yes! We have our own fleet of trucks that run delivery routes throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, down to Santa Cruz, and through Central California as far south as Fresno. There is a $100 minimum order (fresh and supplies combined) for delivery by Mt. Eden truck. Take look at our delivery route schedule. *Schedule subject to change during holiday periods

Q. Is there a delivery charge?
A. Yes, there is a nominal delivery charge. Charges may vary according to distance. To find out the delivery charge to your area, please email us at: info@mteden.com or call: 408-213-5777.

Q. Does Mt. Eden Floral Co. ship? How much is the shipping charge?
A. Yes, we ship via FedEx and UPS. Shipping charges vary by package weight, size, and destination. Please note, some items are only available in store or via delivery by Mt. Eden truck due to: size, agriculture restrictions, etc.

Q. Is there a minimum purchase amount?
A. Yes. The minimum purchase amount is $15 for fresh and supply product combined. If your order is being shipped or delivered, there are additional minimums:
Minimum order shipped via UPS or FedEx is $50.00. Orders less than $50.00 will have a $5.00 handling charge.
Minimum order delivered by Mt. Eden truck: $100.00.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?
A. Cash and credit card (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted from all customers. To set up store credit and receive a monthly invoice or to pay by check, please contact your sales rep. Personal checks are not accepted.

Q. How can I place a supply order?
A. Orders can be placed by phone, fax or email to any of the Mt. Eden Floral Company locations during regular business hours. Orders must be confirmed by a Mt. Eden sales person. Most orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Any backordered items will be cancelled unless otherwise specified by the customer. Orders to be shipped via UPS or FedEx must be placed through the San Jose Store only.

Q. Do you accept special orders on supply items?
A. Yes! We are able to place special orders on certain supply items, including Accent Decor. Please contact a sales person for details.

Q. Do you have case pricing discounts?
A. Yes, many of our floral supply and event decor items feature special case pricing. Contact your sales person for more info. If you are shopping at one of our stores, look for the case pricing information on the item price sticker.

Q. How do I know the prices of the flowers?
A. Due to price fluctuations for fresh flowers, prices will be confirmed by your sales person at the time the order is placed. Customers subscribed to Mt. Eden’s email list will receive a link to an updated list of flower special and price info to use as a reference.

Q. Do you have volume discounts on fresh product?
A. Volume discounts for fresh flowers and plants will depend on the current availability at the time the order is placed.

Q. How can I place a special order for fresh product?
A. Special orders can be placed specifying flower varieties, colors, quantities, and delivery date. Special orders should be placed at least 10 days in advance of the delivery or pick up date. This allows us time to order specific flower varieties from our growers. (If you cannot place the order 10 days in advance, contact your sales person as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.) A 50% deposit may be required on large special orders.

If you email or fax your order, please confirm that we have received your order and verify pricing. Orders must be confirmed by a Mt. Eden sales person. (If you don't have a sales representative yet, call (408) 213-5777 and we will help to get you started!) Please note, fresh flowers are a perishable and agricultural product. Weather, transportation, and inspections can all cause product cancellations or delays. If your order can not be filled, your sales person will contact you to discuss substitutions.

Q. What is a standing order?
A. In addition to saving time on ordering your everyday products, a standing order locks in your pricing for the entire year, including major holidays such as Valentine's Day. You will receive consistent, top quality product every week. Standing orders have priority over other orders: standing orders will be filled first when availability is limited. Contact your sales person for pricing, policies, and information about the weekly delivery schedule.