Meet the Designer: Donald Yim AIFD, CFD

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already been inspired by Donald’s work. His designs have been featured in international publications including: Canadian Florist, Floriology, Nacre (France), and Fusion Flowers (UK), among others. Or perhaps you’ve seen his work in internationally renowned shows, such as the Philadelphia Flower Show and the AIFD National Symposium. You’re also likely to have crossed paths with some of the design work Donald has done for Accent Decor over the years. (Speaking of which, keep an eye out for his designs for Accent Decor’s 2016 collection!)


In any case, Donald Yim AIFD, CFD’s vibrant designs and gorgeous aesthetics have grabbed our attention, and we are excited to welcome him to the Bay Area this coming March as the featured designer for Mt. Eden’s Annual Wedding Floral Design Series March 6-7 in San Jose, CA.


Despite a busy work and travel schedule, Donald took a moment to answer a few questions to help us get to know the artist behind the designs:


Mt. Eden: How did you get started in the floral industry?

Donald: My sister owned a flower shop in Hong Kong, and I was her delivery boy. I liked to see how people were so happy to receive flowers and began to show an interest. My sister taught me some things, and then I took some classes, went into some competitions, and did well; it just fuelled my design passion bug!


Mt. Eden: Who has been one of your biggest fans or supporters?

Donald: John Haines AIFD. I worked with John early in my career and he really changed my perspective and showed me the passion in the floral industry.


Mt. Eden: In 2-3 words, how would you describe your design style?

Donald: Fusion. I have an Asian background, European influence, and North American experience all rolled into one!


Mt. Eden: What are some places that you find design inspiration?

Donald: Social Media, books, international travel.


Frequent travel and continued involvement with the floral industry keep Donald on the forefront of design and trend developments, which he then translates into eye-catching arrangements and displays. In addition to freelance work for various companies and projects, Donald’s experience in the industry includes: Creative Director at West Van Florist in Vancouver, Canada, Education Specialist at Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, FL, showroom set-up, organization, management, take-downs, photography, and serving on the AIFD NW Region Board of Directors.


With a body of design work that demonstrates a passion for floral artistry, Donald credits his enthusiasm as having been fueled by a genuine passion for sharing and exchanging ideas. He loves making connections with new students and fellow designers, and we can’t wait to have him in San Jose this March!


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