2015 Holiday Floral Design Show: Meet the Designer

Just as we love sourcing the best products for our customers to work with, we're always busy seeking out top floral designers for our shows and workshops. For Mt. Eden Floral's upcoming Christmas-themed floral design event, we've tracked down a talented designer who we believe will inspire you with fresh perspectives, as well as equip you with great ideas and tools to incorporate into your own floral design work. (Read the description for the show and workshops here.)

Without further ado, we're excited to introduce you to the featured designer for Mt. Eden's 2015 Holiday Design Show Corey Harbour, AIFD, PFCI, NAFD, CFD. Though he'll be fresh to the California stage, Corey is well established as both a participant and influencer on the flower scene, and we can't wait to have him here in the Bay Area! 

Corey go this start in the floral industry during high school when he worked for a florist delivering and processing flowers. Soon, he found himself behind the workbench, and hasn't looked back since! In addition to his freelance work, Corey is sought after for his discerning eye for product design. Chances are you've already worked with products helped to develop! Having worked in key design capacity for various brands in the past, Corey is currently based in Dallas, Texas where he is the Director of Product Development for Teters Floral Products.

Though his work in product development keeps him busy with behind the scenes work, Corey still takes the initiative to stay involved with the floral industry in a hands-on way. He frequently participates in many key industry design competitions, including being invited to judge and to be a guest designer at the Philadelphia Flower Show. A frequent traveler around the globe, Corey's travels play a role in his work, keeping him on top of the latest design styles and trends.

Inspired by the work of Tomas De Bruyne and Els Teunissen, Corey describes his own style as clean and natural.Due to the nature of his work, Corey deals with a lot of novelties as well, and is no stranger to incorporating a touch of flair and accents in just the right places. In short, we think he's the perfect designer to bring us fresh inspiration for the holidays!

So REGISTER TODAY and join us on Sunday, September 13 for Mt. Eden Floral's Annual Holiday Design Show with Corey Harbour AIFD, PFCI, NAFD, CFD and Monday, September 14 for Corey's hands-on floral design workshops!

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